Gay Marriage... GAY Marriage... GAY MARRIAGE!  Frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing the term!  Why don't we get it? Why do we let the  Conservatives dictate the conversation and guide the rhetoric?  It is NOT “gay  marriage.”  It really isn't!  Any more then my Mom and Dad's was “straight  marriage.”  We let the idiots from the right (Democratic & Republican) use power words like“Gay” in the same sentence as “marriage,” they combine them and BAM! It becomes OUR rallying cry for equality. 

No wonder mainstream America i finding it difficult to figure out what side is what! So let me lay it out for them, and for you:  My  partner and I have been together for 7 years (so far longer then my birth parents marriage lasted!).  We made a conscious decision to  be together.  We realized that no one else in existence could complete us.  We saw the future and could not imagine that future without being in each others  daily lives.  It wasn't sex. It wasn't money.  It was a deep abiding continuing overwhelming affection... dare I say LOVE for each other.  We are not religious (although many gays/lesbians are) and do not care for a religious ceremony. 

We want to go to the local courthouse, sign the papers, and do what our Mom's and Dad's did: Grow old together without having to spend an additional $10,000 to protect the other from potentially greedy relatives. We want the tax benefits 
and the tax penalties.  We want each others social security benefits after all 
it is ME (and vice versa) who gets him up every morning to go to work. Hell, even his identical twin brother does not know what his medical intentions are... I do. I have  lived with him every day and we have specifically discussed death and dying  decisions.  There are healthcare benefits, crime victims' recovery
benefits,  visiting rights in the criminal justice systems.  Hell we can't even sue for  wrongful death or loss of consortium should these horrors be visited upon  us! 

Tone down the rhetoric.  Let's face it, get to  the nitty gritty of the facts and we (and so many others like us) only want what  is fair:  The right to choose. You don't want me to marry in your church? FINE!  I'm all for that.  Just let me enjoy the rest of the benefits you do.  This complicated, not so simple idea of a legal commitment to each other is not so complicated and it really is simple: Let's do this.

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