Stupid gibberish talk, dumb-ass chatter, talking for the sake of talking even if
they have nothing to say or anything productive to add to the conversation. 
Babbling idiots will also talk to themselves if no one else is around or if they
are being ignored. 

We agree!  BUT sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind!  *Since I'm neither rich nor crazy I chose to talk to y'all via this vehicle rather than to start talking to myself so you BETTER comment!* lol

So here's the story:  We decided to make some major changes in our lives. We put the house on the market and it didn't sell.  So... we rented it out and that's working like a champ!  Moved to where we are and found the most LOVELY neighborhood in SW Atlanta.  We're now just waiting to close on the house!

One of my sisters (more about them later I'm sure!)  was kind enough to open her home to us and here we are... out in the damned sticks, away from almost every living thing, contemplating a life of solitude and misery.... EXCEPT we will be closing on our house soon... soon... SOON!

So why the blog and why the Babbling-Idiot?  Sometimes I get into my head that I need to vent about silly situations and ridiculous observations.  Sometimes, or so I've been told, my wit can be (and is) somewhat acerbic.  To be frank, I've been told to "shut up" so I said, "Hey... This will learn them!  This will learn them good!"  While I do not fit the dictionary definition I am SURE there are some who will comment who do.  I invite you to be one of them!

There are a couple of things you should know: 1- I rarely take myself seriously.  It will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to insult me on here.  To be insulted I would have to care about your opinion and I suspect that for many of you I will not know  therefore your opinion will not matter!  I chose to have all comments moderated because I've seen the swill of hatred from anonymous people who post on unmoderated blogs.  Your opinion might not matter to ME but if I find it overly offensive then my readers will too; 2- I'm smarter then the average bear but sometimes make dumb statements to get a reaction.  My opinions are simply that: MY OPINIONS!  I reserve the right to take both sides of a discussion and argue both with vehemence!; 3- I really hate "short text."  This is not your phone so type in clear English!  Spell check is on most every phone and definitely on every computer. There will be mistakes & while LOL or ROFL types of statements are kool, many of the short cuts children use won't be.  My house, my rules!; 4- We LOVE politics and religious statements.  Our opinions are not written in stone so we keep an open mind.  Try it yourself!  Speaking of which: I am a registered Republican and he is a registered Democrat. We are both heathens (non-Christians).  We are Black, Gay, and extremely family oriented (the reason for the change is because of family).

Now... dive on in and let's see what the future holds!


06/29/2012 6:57pm

Jump in the water's fine! It's time more people got their feet wet so to speak. I want to hear what you have to say and the Republican too. You can bet that I will always let you know what I think and I wouldn't dare hold back so neither should you. Bring it!


06/29/2012 7:10pm

LOLOL Thanks Mighty Moe! Oh... and the Babbler (Me) is the Republican... the significantly better half lowered his standards and became a Democrat! LOLOL

06/29/2012 7:34pm

Thanks for the speedy reply B. As for that Democrat remark... I think your significantly better half raised his standards and made a commitment to the truth. The whole truth... I should rephrase that, made a commitment to more of the truth. Democrats lie almost as much as republicans but for different reasons. I have been called a communist, a socialist and a liberal and that was all in the last 5 hours. But I can tell you this, the great thing about being a liberal is never having to lie to make my point. I strive to know what point it is I'm trying to make before I blurt it out. When I do blurt it out I often use off color words because I really don't give a fuck if I offend you. If I have to hit you in the head with a rock to get you to listen then you need to start wearing a helmet and this is your blog and not mine. I could go on and on but the weekend is upon us and I'm sweating like like a $20 dollar whore! Time for a cold one and by that I mean a cold shower.

06/29/2012 7:53pm

LOLOLOL Let's start from the bottom & work our way up: I added a link to your blog on the right side of my home page! I like what you have to say! While I wouldn't know for myself, I wouldn't think a $20 whore sweated too much... but then... hell if I know! lolol BUT... get yourself into the shower!

I respect your political beliefs but "liberal" is usually an adjective to define what kind of Socialist, Communist, Democrat, Republican, etc. I am a Republican. The Reagan type of 'Pub who believed in fiscal conservatism NOT trying to force social conservatism down our throats. For ME the great thing about being a Black Gay 'Pub is never having to lie but more important, it gives me the opportunity to educate others about the two primary parties in this country and the faults within both but the benefits of mine! lolol


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