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Ok...  Here's a question for the COUPLES on here... Backstory: I often see and hear gay  men call his partner their "husband" and lesbian women folk call their partner  her "wife." There are generally certain social-sexual (positional) status' associated with these "traditional" marital labels. I call my significant other my "significantly better half." The reason for this is because, and let's face  it.. it's true!, is because he is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER because of having me in  his life and I am CERTAINLY SIGNIFICANTLY better off because of him! What do you  call YOUR partner (other then their given/nick name you silly people!) to  identify him/her as your life partner and why?



06/29/2012 8:23pm

When I was in a relationship I called him my partner or boyfriend and sometimes husband but it never really mattered what I called him because everyone knew what he meant to me and what we meant to each other. Words have meanings and those meaning grow and change over time. Who knows What the future holds for what we may or may not call the men and women we mary in the future I don't know. The word is unimportant. What is important is the love behind the word.


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